Monday, August 16, 2010

Night-Time Photography

There are so many things that make the night a magical time, so learning how to capture them with a camera is a must!

You just need a few supplies to get started:
-Camera with Manual Settings

Shooting architecture at night is a great place to start. Since the buildings do not typically do a lot of moving it will allow you multiple chances to get just the right shot.

Start by picking a spot that offers up a little lighting. I recently had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. and shoot some of the monuments. Set up your tripod and try to shoot for larger scenes, like landscapes, instead of smaller things, like people.

For the shot pictured above I used the settings f/3.5 with a 5" exposure. I still used a polarizing filter even though it was night time, and I am really pleased with the results.

Play around with length of exposure until you get what you are looking for. I try to stay low on my ISO ("Film Speed") to reduce grain, but if you are having a really hard time getting the image to show up then go ahead and increase it.

Long exposures let you capture fun effects like light streaks from passing cars and movement with light.

The tripod is great for shots that capture the whole area, but if you are looking for shots where you lay on the ground then get out your little beanbag. It may seem silly, but it is a great way to steady the camera while you are shooting when a tripod isn't an option.

I hope this helps! Have fun shooting :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not Your Mom's Maternity Photos

In the world of Mommy-Chic, there are no rules. Maternity portraits capture that tiny stretch of time when you are busy cooking up that little bun, and the style of portraits you go with can range from super traditional, to the wild and crazy, to the Hot-Momma-Chic. Whatever style your mommyness takes, you can be sure Constructive Tendencies Photography will capture it in a way that makes you go "Woah." Maternity session specials are happening right now, so get it while you can!