Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Trade-A-Holic Buttons, yay!

I am a very happy member of an etsy street team called Trade-A-Holics, Team Trade On!

It's an excellent group of very talented artisans of all types who unite in their desire to barter. We have trade-and-stay events (One of which is happening this weekend yay!) and the occassional surprise "trade frenzy." We trde our wares for other wares and everyone is thrilled at the end of it all, and it is quite exciting!
I wanted to show my tradeaholic pride on my blog, but unfortunately none of the current buttons quite matched my style, so I made my own :D

They're super-cute in my opinion, and if you're a fellow tradeaholic please feel welcome to snatch them from me. I love the whole scrapbook feel right now, so I am trying to stick with it. It seems to be the medium I am most comfortable with :)

Here you go, enjoy!