Monday, March 24, 2014

A Sweet 16 Shindig

This little lady right here sure knows how to party.

Photographing a party is an amazing experience. The food, the muisc, the people, they're all geared up and ready for a good time. Chasitty's Sweet 16 had a beautiful mask theme, which for me was awesome because it made for some great shots. They ate, they danced, they laughed, they hugged, and all in all it was just a fantastic experience for everyone, myself included.

The belle of the ball in her lovely silver gown.

Veronica and Leo couldn't be more proud of their little girl, all grown up!

Always have to get a gorgeous family photo! (Don't they look great in their party attire?)

Daddy and Daughter dance

Wobble with me y'all

Audi and Mommy showing off their masks

All in all a festive night!

Thank you so much for allowing me to come party with you guys! 


Happy Sweet 16 Chassity!
Oh the places you will go

Monday, March 17, 2014

Senior Portraits are an opportunity

When you get right down to it, I love what I do. I love the equipment, I love the sound of the shutter being released, I love meeting new people, and I LOVE the look on a client's face when I show them the back of a camera during a shoot and they see themselves the way that I see them. 

Graduating Senior Portrait sessions are my favorite. There is something about being 18 and on the brink of a life change that makes a person fun to be around. Life is full of potential, your interests are all encompassing, and this photo shoot, THIS ONE, this is the one that lets you show off who you are, RIGHT NOW. You know your whole life is going to change, things will get better, things will get worse, and when you wake up and you're 30 you will look at these and see them with an adoration that you can't even grasp now. 

That being said, I love them. If I never pointed my camera at any other type of human again I could be completely happy just photographing seniors.

I was lucky enough to spend some time this spring with Briana, a graduating senior in south Houston, Texas. Her smile, personality, and downright smashing good looks has left me with all of the warm fuzzes that I can handle, and to date I can say this is probably my favorite senior session. (That's a challenge to you seniors, show me what you're made of and let's get shooting!)

I took her to Bay Area Park in Webster because of the simple backgrounds. Don't get me wrong, I love some architecture, but this lovely lady needed some nature in her life to make that delicious red hair of hers really pop. 

She loved the look of some of the more contemporary magazine style shoots, so that's what I went with. She brought an amazing makeup artist and the resulting look was fantastic.

Using simple backdrops made the shoot that much more elegant. The park has a lovely growth of tall reeds and grasses near the water that brought an unusual but interesting texture. The combination of low depth of field, soft lighting (All natural light by the way, it was cloudy and the world was my giant soft box!) and glamorous dresses really made the shoot pop. simple props like white flowers also added a perfect touch.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and the resulting shots are ones that I think she will always treasure. Thank you again Briana and Jenny for getting together with me and making my day so much fun!

Senior sessions are available throughout the year in a variety of locations. Please see my webpage for package details and specials!

We are located in Houston, Texas, but often travel to meet clients and make memories together. Package rates for local or travel can be obtained by contacting Carlynne at and telling her a little bit about your dream session.