Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heather & Matt say "I do"

Sometimes all of the little pieces just fall together. A last- minute change in photographers led Heather and Matt to our door, and boy are we glad life threw us the opportunity to meet them! Heather's classic meets contemporary style set the stage for some of the most gorgeous bridals, well, ever! A big thanks to Katy at Madera Estates for providing the perfect backdrop for the bridals!  Matt (not to be confused with the groom!) Took Heather around the estate and it was quickly decided that we should be the ones to capture their big day. From the moment he sent me the bridals I have been sitting on them excitedly just super-cheesing, waiting for their big day to arrive so I could share them!

Look. At. This. Bride. STUNNING. If I could just rename her from Heather to Stunning I would. The dress is from Alfred Angelo's Sapphire collection, which is awesome for a few reasons. Heather's beautiful ring is also a sapphire, and her mother's wedding dress was by the same designer. Talk about perfect! Her beautiful makeup was done by Elizabeth Moran and her hair was styled by Heather Donaldson. The two work very well together, and I would highly recommend them!

As much as her beautiful wedding looks like it was styled and planned by a pro, this amazing bride did it all "By the seat of my pants!" She deserves a gold star!

Let's talk about those flowers (AND gorgeous cake!) Jodie Ashby, who Heather says is just the nicest lady ever, put together the flowers and seriously, they are some of the most beautiful flowers I have EVER seen.

Everything from the birdcage to those red lips and perfect chest piece told me that this wedding was going to be awesome!

Heather's Inspiration:
"My inspiration for the wedding stuff started by my love for colors. I am obsessed with teals and aqua colors and the only way I could describe my dream wedding colors to others was to say that I like bright peacock like colors. What my friends and family mistakenly thought I meant was that I wanted peacock theme haha but it turned out to be absolutely perfect."

Seriously couldn't agree more!

Seriously. In. Love.

The couple chose a traditional ceremony at St. Mary's Catholic church in Plantersville, Texas. It is one of the most beautiful, fully painted catholic churches in Texas, and couldn't have been a more perfect setting for the day! The limo ride from the resort through the Montgomery county countryside to the church was almost as much of a treat as the limo full of beautiful bridesmaids!

During the ceremony I accidentally but gratefully ran into the owner of the fields next door, who also helped coordinate the ceremony in the church. She was so gracious and allowed us to use her property for these gorgeous, one of a kind Texas style wedding portraits. Thank you!! While the bridals were staged, these were taken the day of! Could this couple be more perfect looking? I think not!

Those colors. That church. THOSE SMILES! Love. Everything, love.

The groomsmen look like someone pulled them right out of a catalog. They jumped for joy! Everyone who attended was full of joy and love, and it touched us to be part of such a special day. The ceremony was full of joyful tears and smiles, and the reception was perfect. Everything from awesome music by PB&DJ (who also hosted a great photo booth) to the gorgeous space provided for the reception by Walden on Lake Conroe was perfect. This is the kind of couple that will stand the test of time, and it's not just from their manner together or their gorgeous wedding that I have come to this conclusion. Check this out:

You can tell by the center image this man has a plan. I'm telling ya, if you can't shove cake up your new spouse's nose on your wedding day, y'all probably aren't going to make it. Now if you ARE going to shove some cake up her perfectly makeup'd little nose, please be a gentleman and help clean her up, but not before a big sloppy icing kiss. ;)

After all was said and done, and we were well into the party phase, nature herself blessed us with a bright cherry-red moon. We literally dragged Heather and Matt outside for some shots! 

Score: 10/10- Would photograph again. These guys are amazing.

CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple!
Heather + Matt 4-Ever, July 19, 2014

Much love, 

Carlynne Welch and Matt Weintritt with SHUTTERWHALE photography.
Houston, Texas based fine art photography team, but available for travel to the great wide world.

An Aggie Engagement

Now we all know that Texas is as divided as it gets when it comes to who you love more: Aggies, or Longhorns? In this case, I'm going to say the Aggies certainly take it, because this is one of the most lovely, fun, and well thought out engagement sessions... well... ever. Y'all Longhorns are going to have some work ahead of you to change my mind!

We met on a gorgeous sunny day in July and these two brought all smiles. We'll let the photos speak for themselves:


Photography lovingly captured by Matt Weintritt and Carlynne Welch of SHUTTERWHALE photography, located in Houston, TX, but available for travel.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Carlynne's Snaps

I found that the best way to clear my head and make room for new ideas is to travel. I'm a pretty passive traveller. During my travels I feel like the best part is just the walking-around-and-exploring-part. I carry my D700 everywhere I go when I travel (a habit I am still trying to work on when I'm in my hometown) and try to "dress it down" as much as I can by removing my vertical grip and carrying my favorite lens. ( The birthday gift from my wonderful and loving man ) I try to leave the big boy equipment at home. It helps me break my routine and just shoot. I always return from a trip feeling refreshed, and funny enough most of the photos I take never see the light of day, so I thought I would take a few from my recent travels and share them here. For me it isn't necessarily about the images I get while on vacation, it's just the pure act of taking them. Anyhow, enjoy my little stories!


On our last day in New Orleans, Mike and I hit this great little shop on our way back to Houston. Morning Call is this sweet little coffee and beignet shop with so much character! They brew this amazing coffee in giant commercial coffee pots with milk and sugar and it is just heavenly. We snagged a couple of cups to go after our tasty beignet treats and hit the road. This shot is of the sign out front. 10/10, would recommend! I do love some Cafe DuMonde, (it's a tradition!) but if you're looking for a tasty treat outside of the French Quarter away from all of the billions of tourists, this is the place to go.

Being from Texas, I always imagined winters in northern Europe to be crazy cold with loads of snow and packed accordingly. I walked down the streets of Copenhagen with a suitcase full of sweaters as big as I am and the shot above is the only snow that in all of my stay actually fell. (Taken near the Berliner Dom in Berlin, Germany, one of my choices during my travels) Don't get me wrong, that suitcase still came in handy and I looked FABULOUS, but I was a little sad that I didn't get to make any snowmen or snow angels to send to my jealous friends back in the states. 

The iconic Brandenburger Tor was a highlight of my trip to Berlin. It is at the head of a beautiful plaza that is cut by Unter Den Linden, a road that extends from both sides of the Tor and leads to some amazing stuff. The plaza has a beautifully lavish hotel on one side, surrounded by lovely historic buildings..... and a Starbucks. (One of the very few I saw in all of my European travels outside of the airports) While the image above is lovely, I prefer the one below.

Meet Bearial- my travel teddy. He accompanied me during my entire stay in Europe and I made sure to take his picture anywhere I could. 

While in Berlin I thinK i clocked something like 37 miles in three days of just wandering around. Sunup to sundown, Carlynne was outside with her camera. I walked at my own pace, went where i liked and had my bear for company. Tiergarten is a lovely area of Berlin. It has beautiful wooded areas that feel like the middle of the country, right next to lavishly manicured sections that look right out of a dreamy movie. 

One of the most interesting things for me is looking at how the landscape changes at the plant level. It's the little stuff. This curious little plant was growing along one of the Tiergarten sidewalks and I couldn't help but snap a picture, fully aware I wouldn't find anything like it back in Houston.

Speaking of Houston, here she is! This was taken from the Franklin Lofts garage facing Main Street at Congress. Each time I am downtown I try to visit this place.

I've been far and wide, but Houston is just one of those places that will always be more "home" than anything else. I'm glad someone woke up and started developing Main Street, look at all of those colors!

This is one of my favorite pictures from a weekend I spent with two of my very best friends. Zac, from SHUTTERWHALE Dallas took me on a road trip one day to visit Denton, TX to see this sweet girl he had a massive crush on, Caroline. She showed us around what has now become my single favorite small town in the entire state of Texas. We walked, we laughed, we met new friends, saw new homes, listened to amazing live music, did water shots with Sarah Jaffe (we ran into her at Dan's Silverleaf after last call, so water took the place of more stiff options) (WOW) played giant Jenga, and took advantage of a stranger's front yard tire swing. Spoiler alert, Zac married Caroline. It was the best trip ever and I could write a book on just that weekend so I'll stop here.

One morning I woke up and decided to leave Texas and go to my second home, Florida. I needed a reset. I settled into a slow, easy, modest life in Fort Walton Beach and lived as indulgently as a person can making $10.50 an hour at Lowe's can. This was probably the most simple, genuine, and eye opening period of my life. I learned a lot about myself and what friendship means, and how to treat people. I loved every single day. This shot is of the inter coastal waterway. I took it one evening while helping someone in my past complete a project for art school. Sunsets like this should be treasured.

While I lived in Fort Walton Beach (FWB from here on out) I bought a little $900 truck named Henry and he and I went everywhere we could. I took a trip to Marianna Caverns one morning, about a two and a half hour drive from FWB and spent a quiet day alone looking at just how GREEN the world is when no one bothers it. 

If you guys take a trip out there, make sure you take some time and enjoy the forest around the caverns. Yeah, the caves are great and all, but look at this forest. If I didn't think I was going to get carried away by helicopter sized mosquitoes I may never have left. 

I hope you've enjoyed my stories. For more, (I am always happy to tell them) please email

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Mini Session Magic!

It seems like everyone is doing mini sessions these days, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After a 12 hour day of heat (don't worry ladies, we took a generous lunch break at Cafe Brasil nearby and face-palmed some of their delicious treats!) (Read: ate way too much, needed a nap, so followed up with several gallons of REALLY GOOD coffee...) we decided that this whole mini session event thing is soooo going to happen again. We loved it! Zac from SHUTTERWHALE Dallas, and Edward from SHUTTERWHALE Houston came down to help make sure that everything ran perfectly while Carlynne was oblivious to the rest of the world while photographing (read: horsing around with) all the super cute kids everyone brought. It was great! 

I don't know what kind of magic allowed me to fit this beautiful 5 foot long couch in my Mini Cooper for the shoot, but I'm just going to accept the universe's mysteries and go with it this time. 

This session takes place at Hermann Park (You can find the details page we sent to each client here ) and we chose a beautiful couch from World Market with accent pillows and throw to create a classic look with some modern springtime pops of color and pattern.  Each mini session event we do will have different props and location, but June's sneak peek photos should give you guys and dolls a good idea the style we will go with. 

Our next upcoming photo mini session date will be August 16 and spots are limited! Contact for all of the nitty-gritties.

Now.... BEHOLD!

This little guy was all smiles! We even got to break the news to the whole world that Mommy is expecting a little sister!

How special is that?? Pink tie and all, gold star for this little guy!

Could she be any more perfect? LOVE. What could she be thinking about? The universe? Batman? Mommy's keys? Shooting at sunset is my FAVORITE. It's this magical time of day and we were so lucky to have such perfect light to wrap this mini session event up! Landry's awesome mommy endured 45 minutes of traffic for this, but I think it was WELL worth it!

We love making special artwork for each client. All of these are from the mini session!
June 14 Mini Session EXTRAVAGANZA
For more info contact
For Dallas bookings and info contact

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Susie & Nosa's Backyard Wedding Bash

My favroite kind of wedding is the hand-crafted, cozy back yard type. Don't get me wrong, we love a posh wedding in a big venue, but this home-made type just really hits a home run for us.

My personal favorite part of any wedding is the time when I get to photograph all of the special little details. I take my time and really get creative with the presentation of everything from the rings to the flowers.

Susie and Nosa were married on a beautiful, sunny afternoon on May 10, 2014, and we were invited to capture all of the festivities. The flowers were beautiful, the cakes were made from scratch, the colors were lovely, the music was awesome, and... And... And... We could just go on!

Nothing makes a Dad more proud than walking his beautiful daughter down the isle to her soon-to-be-husband.

Everything from the teary exchange of hand written vows to the big first kiss was just perfect!

The home owner has a bee hive and a collection of vintage letters that created the PERFECT spot for group shots.... Until we broke the picnic table. Whoops! No one was hurt, and now the whole bridal party has a great story... (And so do we!)

Before the wedding I had an opportunity to do Susie's bridals. Since Nosa hails from Nigeria, his mother had beautiful clothing made just for the occasion. I am in LOVE with her dress... ( and that HAT! )

Dirty Dancing doesn't have a thing on these two- Their lift had everyone cheering!

Everyone pitched in to make this day special for the happy couple. Two very talented friends sang a beautiful song and the speeches had everyone laughing and crying. Cheers to everyone!

I have been waiting with baited breath to share these bridals! Now that the couple has officially tied the knot, here they are for all to see!

I'm in love with this lace bohemian dress- It was beautiful and comfortable, and really stood out from the standard poofy white gown tradition.

#congratulations to Susie And Nosa! May your lives be filled with adventure, love, and music.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keeping it C14ssy with Kamri- Oakrige High

Graduating from High School is one of the biggest milestones we encounter, and what better way to celebrate it than with AWESOME photography?

We met Kamri out in Hermann park and did some exploring of the new art installation by Patrick Dougherty.... It was incredible!

Kamri is a natural in front of the camera, and this was one of those sessions where we just couldn't wait to get home for edits!