Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heather & Matt say "I do"

Sometimes all of the little pieces just fall together. A last- minute change in photographers led Heather and Matt to our door, and boy are we glad life threw us the opportunity to meet them! Heather's classic meets contemporary style set the stage for some of the most gorgeous bridals, well, ever! A big thanks to Katy at Madera Estates for providing the perfect backdrop for the bridals!  Matt (not to be confused with the groom!) Took Heather around the estate and it was quickly decided that we should be the ones to capture their big day. From the moment he sent me the bridals I have been sitting on them excitedly just super-cheesing, waiting for their big day to arrive so I could share them!

Look. At. This. Bride. STUNNING. If I could just rename her from Heather to Stunning I would. The dress is from Alfred Angelo's Sapphire collection, which is awesome for a few reasons. Heather's beautiful ring is also a sapphire, and her mother's wedding dress was by the same designer. Talk about perfect! Her beautiful makeup was done by Elizabeth Moran and her hair was styled by Heather Donaldson. The two work very well together, and I would highly recommend them!

As much as her beautiful wedding looks like it was styled and planned by a pro, this amazing bride did it all "By the seat of my pants!" She deserves a gold star!

Let's talk about those flowers (AND gorgeous cake!) Jodie Ashby, who Heather says is just the nicest lady ever, put together the flowers and seriously, they are some of the most beautiful flowers I have EVER seen.

Everything from the birdcage to those red lips and perfect chest piece told me that this wedding was going to be awesome!

Heather's Inspiration:
"My inspiration for the wedding stuff started by my love for colors. I am obsessed with teals and aqua colors and the only way I could describe my dream wedding colors to others was to say that I like bright peacock like colors. What my friends and family mistakenly thought I meant was that I wanted peacock theme haha but it turned out to be absolutely perfect."

Seriously couldn't agree more!

Seriously. In. Love.

The couple chose a traditional ceremony at St. Mary's Catholic church in Plantersville, Texas. It is one of the most beautiful, fully painted catholic churches in Texas, and couldn't have been a more perfect setting for the day! The limo ride from the resort through the Montgomery county countryside to the church was almost as much of a treat as the limo full of beautiful bridesmaids!

During the ceremony I accidentally but gratefully ran into the owner of the fields next door, who also helped coordinate the ceremony in the church. She was so gracious and allowed us to use her property for these gorgeous, one of a kind Texas style wedding portraits. Thank you!! While the bridals were staged, these were taken the day of! Could this couple be more perfect looking? I think not!

Those colors. That church. THOSE SMILES! Love. Everything, love.

The groomsmen look like someone pulled them right out of a catalog. They jumped for joy! Everyone who attended was full of joy and love, and it touched us to be part of such a special day. The ceremony was full of joyful tears and smiles, and the reception was perfect. Everything from awesome music by PB&DJ (who also hosted a great photo booth) to the gorgeous space provided for the reception by Walden on Lake Conroe was perfect. This is the kind of couple that will stand the test of time, and it's not just from their manner together or their gorgeous wedding that I have come to this conclusion. Check this out:

You can tell by the center image this man has a plan. I'm telling ya, if you can't shove cake up your new spouse's nose on your wedding day, y'all probably aren't going to make it. Now if you ARE going to shove some cake up her perfectly makeup'd little nose, please be a gentleman and help clean her up, but not before a big sloppy icing kiss. ;)

After all was said and done, and we were well into the party phase, nature herself blessed us with a bright cherry-red moon. We literally dragged Heather and Matt outside for some shots! 

Score: 10/10- Would photograph again. These guys are amazing.

CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple!
Heather + Matt 4-Ever, July 19, 2014

Much love, 

Carlynne Welch and Matt Weintritt with SHUTTERWHALE photography.
Houston, Texas based fine art photography team, but available for travel to the great wide world.

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