Friday, December 10, 2010

Hard Work

When you can look off towards the horizon and know that there is a goal out there that you need to accomplish, hard work and determination are the best ways to get there. They might not be the most fun, but you just have to push through.

I am lucky enough that my "work" is really fun, so keeping my head down and working towards my goals isn't so bad. =)

December has been a month full of family portraits, photos with Santa, cute kids, and helping a friend plan a wedding...... All while somehow managing to work on my vintage camera sales, planning my upcoming visit to Europe, and maintaining enough communication to make sure all of my friends are aware I am still around.

I am going to start the year out big by going to Copenhagen, Milan, Geneva, and Berlin, with a possible stay in Amsterdam. I have an unreasonably large amount of photo projects planned for myself! I will be sharing those completed projects one at a time as I complete them.

Hard work and determination brings the best result!

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