Saturday, January 9, 2010

12 Months, 12 Fabulous Home Projects

I am always making something. Always. I can never sit still!

This year I have decided to turn my creative eye towards my living space. I make so much stuff, but nothing for myself or my home, this must change! I have talked myself into ordering prints for the house, so now I have three fabulous framed pieces around.

This is a photo I took while at the Messina Hof winery in Bryan, TX with my famil the sunday after Christmas. It was such a fun day that I decided having a print to remind myself of it would be pretty great. It is in a black frame with a double mat in white sub black and the colors look just wonderful. Next to it sits a vintage water droplet shaped pedistal candy dish with a fresh coat of teal paint, two porcelain white birds, and a tiny ceramic teal acorn. Overall it gives that corner of the room a very nice feel.

The other two images are the left two images from the January Giveaway 4x4 collection. I wouldn't try to give them away if I didn't love them myself! They are in repainted green frames.


So, big project idea for January. Headboard.

I am going to do my best to find a bring home (up all three flights of stairs) a reclaimed antique door and work some magic on it. (This is assuming my lovely lovely friend ThePaperElement is generous with the use of her hatchback because unfortunately the hybrid can't fit something like that inside! Bummer!) A little sand paper, some nails, some slats and hardware, and I hope to have a fabulous door headboard. I haven't decided the color yet, but I am sure it will come to me. I'll post some pictures once it's complete!

Prelim ideas for February include armoire and chandelier.

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