Monday, January 11, 2010

Omg So Busy!

Things have been the best kind of busy lately! I am fabulously thrilled to introduce some completed projects, as well as some projects in the works!

I have one design project that is just wonderful, but is requiring the utmost care! I just haven't been able to get it QUITE right, but I am working on it still. Slow but fabulous!

Photography Authentique is a new up and coming boutique photography studio with a fabulous eye. Run by the wonderful Leany, her bright and beautiful designer photography is sure to catch eyes.

I am lucky enough to have the pleasure of designing her logos and branding, how wonderful! It has been a much slower process than I have thought it would be, but I know I can deliver. I took the weekend to explore antique shops and get the right kind of inspiration to make the drawings perfect.

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  1. Carlynne-
    Thanks for all of your creativity & the steady flow of inspiration. Working with you is like working with a friend!