Friday, December 3, 2010

Turn Off Your Auto Focus For A While

I dare you!

It is time to go back to the roots some. I miss my SLR. I started shooting on a Pentax K-1000 that my mother gave me when I took my first photography class. (Twelve years ago, yuck, holy cow, let's not focus on that.)

Everything on that camera was manual! You set your shutter speed, your film speed (ISO for you no-film digital types) your f-stop, and last, but not least, you slaved over your completely manual focus lens. BUT!

When you finally got it all right down to the last detail, weren't those photos gorgeous? It's one thing to get your DSLR out and just go snap happy, but it is a totally different feeling when you know you are limited by the number of shots on your film so each one gets that extra bit of thought and planning that is unnecessary in digital photography.

I am a dinosaur.

Switching to primarily digital from film was painful. I just recently sold my Rolleiflex and I feel like I mailed one of my kids away. Painful!

We have to stick together, we dinosaurs, and find things that will help us cling to our roots and continue to have thoughtful and lovely shots with our seemingly endless supply of digital exposures.

So let's take a day, switch our lenses to M from AF, and see what happens.

Comment with some photos you took, I would love to see them!

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  1. After four months of slaving with my Minolta I can say sincerely I am hooked for life!