Saturday, February 5, 2011

Part Of My Day In Photos

The idea of trying to be creative to come up with a great photograph or piece of art can be really scary or overwhelming, so one of the best ways to help yourself out is to approach your medium, in this case photography, is to set yourself up with a fun project.

This one varies greatly with every photographer who does it because everyone's day is different. Carry your camera with you and when you see anything that helps tell the story of your day, photograph it. These can be well exposed artsy type shots with shallow depth of field or they can be shot from the hip style fun photos, anything you want. Whatever makes you happy is how we're doing this! The best part is, you can do it all with any camera you want.

Even if you do not end up with the world's most artistic photos, you still accomplish something by gaining practice with your camera. You are learning how to make the photos in your mind a reality by manipulating your machine and that is priceless. :)

I chose to go with my morning. It was a nice, lazy morning the day after my birthday, so I decided to start out by having cake for breakfast and making biscuits. After that it was time for some dishes, a walk around town, some cocoa to warm up from that walk, and then some general tidying up. I'll let the photos tell my story.

Enjoy, and happy shooting!

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  1. Neat post! I like how you used photo's to show your day!