Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tutorial: Awesome Portraits (Breaking all the rules) Lesson Three: Roleplaying and Props

Let's get creative.

Nothing says awesome like when art meets art, so let's marry some photography with some performance art. A great way to gather a few really interesting portraits is to act out a concept, idea or embody a character/idea. This can be done with costumes, makeup, dance or props, and can take place in a variety of different locations, and you can be as complex or minimalist as you like. Since I am not really an in-front-of-the-camera kind of girl, I went for minimal.

I had the pleasure of shooting with Mike Boike (you can see his deviantART profile here.) and we headed out into the wilds of The Woodlands, Texas to shoot along the waterway before heading to Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens to take advantage of the grounds for some vintage photographer inspired portraits. (Mercer has two sides, the Botanic Gardens side, which is landscaped and offers a variety of great shooting areas for just about any kind of session, and the Arboretum side which is a very lovely forest with great trails. We chose the Arboretum side.)

I am a collector of antique cameras, (It is like an illness, I do not even want to admit how many I have) so the concept I chose was based around this collection. I brought out my No. 1A Autographic Kodak Special and a vintage tuxedo inspired outfit and did my best to not look silly in front of the camera.

If you are shooting digital there is no reason what-so-ever not to snap loads of pictures and just have fun with it! Do a little dance, make a little art, and have fun with it.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot, enjoy!


  1. These ARe Amazing!!! What a great change of scene from the norm and oh-so boring!

  2. Nice pictures!! Do you know that in Dallas and Ft Worth at the zoo, you are required to buy a permit to sell pictures taken there? I called the Dallas Arboretum and was told that that rule did not apply there. What about in Houston? Do you have that same type of rule at any of the places you mentioned?