Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I like to go fast!

Recently SHUTTERWHALE was invited on a collaborated shoot in Dallas with Texas Motorcars! (www.TEXASMOTORCARS.com)

It was a Dodge themed shoot- consisting of a fancy schmancy Viper and a top of the line Challenger. After taking the cars on the freeway, through an airport tunnel and getting kicked out of a garage we ended up with some great shots!

As much as we love to photograph people, the change to superfast car mode was a pleasant one. While photographing we used a combination of studio light for the parked shots, and natural light for everything in motion. We suggest for all shiny fancy things to point your studio lighting down onto the subject. This will give you the cleanest look, while showing off all of the curves. This differs from people in that shooting your light down onto a subject can give you that "raccoon eyes" look.

The originals in this tunnel were a mess! We did some tweaks in Lightroom to clean up the color and exposure, then followed up with Photoshop to make the red pop.

You can find the vehicles (for now!) on TEXASMOTORCARS.com and find a selection of our favorites at www.SHUTTERWHALE.com

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