Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The sweetest Family Ever!

I love this shoot. Kathy, CJ and little grace have the cutest little family ever and I love them. We met up in Memorial park on a perfect Monday afternoon and THIS happened. Could this be any more perfect?
Service roads are a photographer's best friend. We look like we are out in the middle of the country on a perfect little dirt road, but in reality hundreds of joggers were running by just a few hundred feet away on the main trails. It was our own private piece of the park!

Grace was such a little ham! When setting up their shots she would just kind of do her own thing, which was just what I was hoping for! Her sweet hugs and kisses helped me snap some of the sweetest little family portraits ever, like this one above that ended up being my favorite.

Kathy is expecting a new addition to the family in July, I can't wait to meet her! The name isn't certain yet, but i am sure once they lay eyes on their baby girl it will come to them. All we know now is that her nickname is Emmy. (cute cute cute!)

 We left the private road and headed to a field of wildflowers and tall grass. Again, it looks like we are in this perfect middle-of-nowhere setting, but in actuality we were in the middle of the two roads and cars were zooming by! I imagine we put on quite a show! Grace had a blast showing everyone all of the flowers, and the shot above is her telling mommy about pretty they are. Heart. Melt.
Who doesn't love covering mommy in kisses?
Grace made sure to show everyone her finds, including both grandmas! They helped us get great smiles out of Grace.
THOSE. EYES. THAT. SMILE. Heart melts!

There's something about Grandmas. Seriously, hats off to Grandmas. They're pros! Years of family portraits under their belts and babies of their own that have grown into adults with their families, Grandmas know what's up. Both Grandmas were so sweet and the shots with grace were so lovely!

After all of the serious picture-takin' was over, we switched little Grace into her tutu and set her loose. She found a tasty bit of grass to chew and quickly started climbing all the trees and running at to speed through the pretty grass.

Thank you again Kathy, CJ, Grannies and Grace for an amazing afternoon! We laughed, we joked, and fun was had by all. This. THIS is why I love what I do.

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