Monday, September 28, 2009

Ok then!

Ok, so here goes.

I am a Houston, TX area photographer and I run a small shop at under the name CharmingMittens. There I sell my photography, as well as small bits of jewelry, supplies and the occasional journal or paper product.

I am a proud member of Tradeaholic and I look forward to their upcoming trade event! (The first weekend in October, woo!) I try to trade for supplies and tools, and I am always looking for new jewelry tools and paper punches.

As far as my photography goes, I have been shooting for 10 years now, and working in Photoshop just as long. Every image you see on this page has been touched by me. I made the banner and all of the side banners as well as shot my profile picture and the picture of Bearial, whose life story you will soon be told. The papers, tape, pins, bits, pieces and colors are all products of me, and I absolutely love doing it. If you would like your blog to have a custom feel to it, let me know. I would be glad to try to design something for you.

I do wedding photography as well as portraits. I work with families, children, pets and babies. I can edit old photos to give them new life and perfection as well as place your images on various items such as cards, mugs, t-shits and all that stuff. A small selection of my portfolio is available for viewing here.

My prices are very reasonable, so please consider me for your events! Christmas is coming up and portraits make wonderful gifts. (They are much cheaper than most other presents you can give, also, so keep that in mind during times when penny-pinching is a must!)

Silver Jewerly. Well, let's see. I spent a long time in college learning various techniques and styles of jewelry making. I love rings! I enjoy making bezels and custom rings out of things from seaglass to minerals, gemstones, driftwood, and once upon a time I made one with moss inside.


Nice to meet you guys! I hope that in the time sto come you will enjoy my posts and hopefully learn a few tricks from my tutorials, as well as find some new favorites among my featured Etsy sellers.


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