Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keep It Simple: Bike love.

While wandering around San Destin with my sister and best friend, I happened across quite possibly the cutest bike ever produced. I was lucky enough to squeal in delight about how cute it is feet away from its owner, Rachel, who was sweet enough to not only allow me to take copious amounts of photographs of the bike, but also jumped in for a few! Florida is just one of those states that is too nice to lock yourself in a car while traveling through, so plans are to gather up an equally adorable bike for myself. Green, economical, and trendy, one just cannot resist!

Lately I have become more and more aware of my environmental footprint, and I want to do every little thing I can do live green, save some money, and better my quality of life. (Getting in shape as a result isn't a bad side effect) If I am not spending $60 a tank on gas, $400 a month on a car payment, $80 a month on car insurance, and all of the other random expenses that come with maintaining such a large machine, I could easily put that same money towards something more fun..... like decorating ;)

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