Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Asian District = Inspiration!

Today ThePaperElement and I went to the Asian district of Houston located along Bellaire Blvd. and Beltway 8. It's ths amazing center of Asian culture in our area and has everything you could possibly think to find.

We ransacked the grocery store, coming away with empty pockets and full bags, loaded down with treats, variations on basics, and.... Joss paper!

Joss paper is a Chinese traditional paper used in burning at ceremonies to respect the dead. It is beautiful and comes in many many colors, styles, prints and textures.... and it's super cheap. She and I picked some out, and once we got home with it we realized we should have gotten much more!

We hope to return after the holiday and pick up some other types, as well as visit some other stores. Time was tight today, but next time will be better.

TanTan Vietnamese "Fast Food" (Fast because they cook it fast!) is an absolute must for anyone visiting the area. My personal favorite is the E-25 seafood noodle soup with egg noodles, but you can rest assured that EVERYTHING (all 300+ items) on the menu is fantastic. They are located at 6816 Ranchester Dr. at Bellaire Blvd. Make sure you get some bubble tea in the shop in the next parking lot to the east, yum yum!

Many new projects will come from this day of inspiration, so stay tuned!

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