Monday, November 2, 2009


Today I am writing about Jerseymaids, an artisan that uses the unique and fantastic Polariod camera as her creative outlet.

Her work ranges from beautiful views of Paris to super heroes on patrol and arrives at your doorstep lovingly packaged in forms such as earrings, magnet snap interchangeable rings, necklaces, prints and calendars.

I have always been taught the means to create the perfect photo. Perfect color, perfect clarity, perfect lighting.... But as the years have gone by I have been drawn to things such as Polaroid art, which in the hands of a skilled photorgapher such as Jerseymaids, can lead to beautiful works of art. They are a far cry from the classic photographer's goal, but that is what makes them so amazing. He work lends a fantasy view to the norm, something looking through a high powered couple thousand dollar lens couldn't possibly capture.

As a photographer and an art lover, I am quite proud to say I own a copy of Onion Bloom, and it sits lovingly on my floating shelf next to a vintage Petri fisheye lens and a small moss terrarium. {Don't you worry Jersey, I'm working every day to try to get you one too ;D } It is on the wall that faces me when I wake up and is often the first thing I see each day. A warm, glowy image of the flower moving slowly in the wind reminds me of fields unmet and sunny days yet to be taken advantage of.

Take a walk by her shop, I promise it will leave you with similar feelings.

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  1. That is a really gorgeous photo, and I love her shop as well!!!