Friday, November 6, 2009

Through the Viewfinder

Much more to come on this subject, but I thought I would share my second TtV shot ever, the Lovey Birds. They are available as a set of two in my etsy shop here. As always, there is a 15% discount if you mention my blog in your message to seller. The percetnage will be refunded in paypal. This pair of birds is a small set of porcelain treaures I found one evening out with my mom shopping. I really love the idea and style of TtV photography, but I am just getting started, so much potential! I have been deathly ill lately, so I couldn't go outside for my TtV images, so I made little stups, which this cute picture is the product of. I am currently buying Duaflex cameras on ebay and spiffing them up and reselling them, so if you are looking for TtV equipment please contact me :)

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