Sunday, November 8, 2009

Website, hurray!

It sure is awesome to know someone who can build websites!

My awesome friend Mike is building a great site for me :D I am very excited, I actually own my own dot com! will be live as soon as he can get it pieced together. This will allow me to show off all of my work without having to type out my previous 41 character long address! I am also escaping the clutches of Photo and moving on to bigger and better things.

I am trying to keep it simple so that my artwork is the main focus, not my fancy website. I hope to have a site where I can mention people that contribute to my creativity, so it will end up being good marketing for everyone!


This calls for a latte. I'll be right back.

Annnd back.

I also wanted to update on my ring endeavor! I have been busily crafting up little photo seaglass rings like California Dreamin' and by morning I should have two more ready to list. One of which features Bearial, my darling travel companion featured at the top right of your screen, and one features a shiny sealed dime. No, the dime doesn't fit with the other seaglass rings, but it's still pretty fantastic in my opinion.

Let there be business cards! (Designed by yours truly)

Yes, I now realize I wrote the wrong address on my card, but this is being fixed right now! I am hoping to spread these babies far and wide and find some new clients that want my photographic expertise. Here's hoping!

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