Sunday, November 8, 2009

Muffintop Designs

Everywhere you immerse yourself with new groups and ideas you will find yourself picking one or two that really strike your eye. Whether it is one or two really fantastic people in a new clique, one or two shops in a great mall or one or two artists in a new gallery. I have been lucky enough to stumble upon Muffintop Designs in my travels around Etsy and I have fallen in love with her work!

While strolling through her shop recently, one of her beautiful stacking collections caught my eye. When worn together it gives the appearance of a single disc shaped ring with beautiful organically shaped spheres surrounding it. When taken apart you can see the fabulous amount of detail in each piece that creates this grouping.

This set is called Rustic Sterling Silver New Moon and Organic Orbit Stacking Rings - Set of 4, and is available in her shop here.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to ask her some questions about her work. I really love finding out more about those who can create such fabulous pieces of art. It brings more meaning and value to their pieces to know their background.

What made you decide to start making jewelry?
- i went through a bit of a difficult time personally and for the first time in a long time, lost my creative drive. a friend introduced me to beading, and the rest is history! i'd always wanted to make jewelry - recently i was going through a box of old papers and found a necklace i had made when i was 16!

What inspired your stacking rings?
- my wedding set is made up of three rings and i've always loved the layered look. i love it that you can change your "stack" depending on your mood or outfit.

Do you have a daily crafting routine with a schedule and goals, or is it just something that just happens when you have time?
- having a 6 month old baby really forces me to maximize my crafting time! i'm never sure if i'll have time to make anything or fill orders, so i squish as much soldering as i can when she's in her playpen or down for a nap. sometimes i have the torch going at 5am! but i haven't done too badly!

Grannies or Tinies :D?
- tinies. lol!

Do you make jewelry for the mini?
- not at this point. she'd try to eat them. she's teething.

What inspired Tradeaholics?
- there was a thread in the forums at the end of 2007 (i think) where people were listing their shops if they were willing to trade. i started another thread when i compiled all of those shops alphabetically (geez, where did i have the time?) and it grew and grew and grew. fellow etsy seller AKHotDoggies started the traders' list ( ) which she and i kept adding to. then AKHotDoggies and beadalicious came up with the idea of having a team and the rest is history!

Tell me about a few of your favorite trades. Or, What are some of the things you love trading for?
- my first trade with with fabulous etsy seller magymai711 - she fell in love with some of my beaded bracelets and i got some amazing collage sheets. lately i've gotten some great stuff - tutus from thegirlyplace, key fobs from tracydesigns, fudge from hillsidebakery, and jewelry supplies from julieellyndesigns. i love trading for handmade bags, totes and purses, and now that the mini is here, baby girl stuff!

If money wasn't an object, what would you create?
- i would be definitely creating high end rings, earrings and bracelets, using lots of gemstones, silver and gold. i don't have the money or the space for the equipment i would need, and i would probably need to take more classes! (of course, i'd hire a personal instructor!)

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you find something you love in the Muffin Top Shop.

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