Friday, November 6, 2009


Recently I got the fun opportunity to do a shoot for a local Texas band, Potbelly.

They have a fantastic reggae/rock sound, and the band members couldn't be nicer! They invited me to one of their practice sessions to do a few shots and I ended up with some really fantastic ones.

I placed one in my etsy shop here.

My personal favorite part of the shoot was doing their individual portraits. There are so many group shots of bands, but you rarely see anyone except the lead singer heavily photographed. I took the opportunity to catch each element of the band in their own personal role.

Each member had such a strong personality, which made it super easy for me to do my editing. I am currently really loving the desaturated look, but I wanted to retain some flair for this image because the portrait is of the very talented lead singer and he is definitely not a desaturated kind of guy. Desaturated kind of guy? It's late, cut me some slack.

It's much too late, but the guilt of abandoning my blog recently finally won! I have many many many projects in the works that I am more than excited to share, so stay tuned! I also will soon be featuring MuffintopDesigns and her fabulous work, as well as doing a tribute piece to a few etsyians that I admire.

Goodnight blogspot! I will do my best to share the wonders of Through the Viewfinder photography with you tomorrow :D

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